Engagement is the first official step that you take towards your marriage. It marks the inception of your courtship period and makes you partially but officially your partner’s. The mark of your commitment to your love of life is that one pretty ring that sits on your finger announcing the name that owns you.

When the day is so important it must be celebrated in a style. A unique way of presenting the rings are seen nowadays. These amazing ideas add a whole new spark to the event and make it a whole more happening. Here are some amazing ideas for ring presentation on your engagement day:

A ring in a box


No, we aren’t talking about the ordinary boxes in which the ring comes when you buy it but, the decorated small incredible boxes that showcase your ring perfectly. You can choose a box as per the theme of your wedding or even get personalized boxes that are easily available in the market.

In a beautiful tray


The talented trousseau makers know the amazing art of making you the perfect trays to carry the engagement rings. These well-coordinated trays are the best presentation idea as they are both trendy and royal.

A custom made a photo frame


Unique as it sounds the idea of presenting the ring inside a well-decorated photo frame is a must try. The photo frame can be later used to hold a photo of you and your partner exchanging rings.  

The birdcage presentation


Who won’t love to see a bird carrying their engagement ring on a grand day. This idea is one of its kinds. You can get the bird cage decorated the way you want and impress your partner with your creative and innovative skills.

The kids carrying the ring


Add some security to your engagement ring, after all, it is what defines your new relation. You can assign the duty to your nephew or niece to carry the ring to you safely and carefully. Indeed a great and secure idea. 😉

The comic style


If you or your partner is a comic lover you must try this presentation idea. Try any superhero of your choice and let him carry your engagement ring to you.

The Martini glasses presentation


Indeed a sophisticated way of ring presentation, martini glasses look so great. You can fill the martini glass with flower petals, pearls, etc and place the ring over it.

These amazing ideas are great to impress your partner. Even the guests would be mesmerized with the amazing style of ring presentation you follow.

Written By: Nitika Sethi Nagpal

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