Are you the who goes through Zodiac section in the newspapers every day and are very much obsessed with the sun signs? Are you still single? If yes, this post is for you. Take a look at which sun sign is most compatible with you and the sign you should end up marrying.



This personality is always full of life and adventure, they are the extroverts and are always on a hunt for something new. You need a partner you has the same energy as you and is strong enough. The ideal zodiac sign for your personality is Scorpion, Sagittarius and Leo.



You so much love to be in your comfort zone, you want a simple, down to earth person who can connect with you at an emotional level. If this is true, the ideal match for you in Piscean, Virgo or Cancer.



You look for a man with intelligence beyond anything else, the person full of life and who would not let you down ever. The best match for you can be Libra, Gemini, and Leo.



You are very emotional and honest, your ideal partner is the one who is sincere and nice. Virgo and Taurus are the signs most compatible with.



Leos love to live their life on their own terms, the Leo girl looks for a man who is affectionate and humble by nature. Libran, Aries or Sagittarius is the right match for you.



You are a person with the “I know everything” outlook. Your man has to be intelligent and mature and practical. Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn are the signs most compatible with you.



You are an all-rounder and want a balanced life. You are the one who works hard and is well spoken and your partner must be the same. The best match is Aquarius, Libra or Leo.



You are the cleverest and adapt to situations easily. You want a man who is good looking and intelligent. The ideal match for you can be Capricorn or cancer.



You are loved by all and you look for a man who is a friend and your guide. You want a person who is generous and polite too. An ideal match for you is Aquarius, Aries or Leo.



You are a personality who takes all the load to make others happy and this is what you expect from your partner too. Pisces or Virgo can be the best match for you.

Written by-Suniti Bahl 

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