Are you still single and looking for the perfect match? Stop relying on those Kundli and priests who tell you what is the right time you should find your soul mate. Not all matches are made in heaven. You are born in the in the 21st century where technology runs every aspect of love and if you are looking ahead to find the real love of your life then technology has the perfect aid for you.

Yes, with the advancement in the technological aspect of our life even love is now available online. And for those who say that the couples are made in heaven here is an eye opener as for how the many social media platforms have reformed the science (yes, we call it science because it has its own fundamentals) of matchmaking. So, if you do not want to be single this valentine day, here are some apps that you must have on your smartphone



You might be using Facebook as an application that let you stay connected with your family and friends. Also, it is a great way to keep updated with what is happening around the globe. But, to your surprise, there are more than 2000 people who found the love of their life through this social media application. So start sending a friend request to some random people but please beware of the cheats and the frauds.



Tinder do not need any introduction as it is one applaudable application for dating. With more than 50 million active users the application is presently ruling the dating world. Thanks to the application that it connects to a person of your choice in less than a minute. You may follow someone on Tinder, like- dislike and have friends as well.



This is the best dating and matchmaking app that runs in India. You feed in your interests and the app suggests you the perfect partner accordingly. You can try connecting it to your social media account to build up your trust score. Also, your friends using the same application may endorse your credentials and you have a better trust score. You have good security options of keeping your personal information safe until you feel like sharing them.



One of the best things about this application is that all the power here lies with the females. That is a boy cannot start a conversation with a girl, it is the girl who has to initiate. This application is gaining popularity gradually. Though, a little feminist but indeed it is a good way to keep the buggers off the track.



Not only it is a matchmaking application but it also endorses your social life. You may join chat room here, take part in discussion boards, a group chat or play games with new people. And you never know where the love flower might blossom.

This is the list we present you to find the perfect match for yourself. However, we also advice to take your safest move and ensure the person you are involving with is trustworthy and you can rely on them before you become too personal with them.

Written by-Swati Gaurav Raheja 

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