Looking gorgeous on your wedding is a right that you gain as soon as you take birth as a “Girl Child” on this planet earth. Girls go crazy about their appearance on their big day and one thing that affects it a lot is the weight that you are carrying around. After a full-fledged regime of losing weight, you get into the perfect shape and decide the fitting of your pretty wedding dress. But, what if after keeping up a healthy diet for so long you suddenly look all bloated on the big day.

Indeed it would be a shocker for every girl if anything like this happens. Bloating may happen with certain types of food and it becomes a must to avoid consuming such food items anywhere around the wedding. Here are some foods that you must keep away from your sight:

Junk Food


All those burgers, pizzas, French fries and patties might look pretty tempting while you undergo the pressure of wedding planning but they are the most injurious thing for your perfect figure. The fats in these processed foods immediately raise your blood sugar level and add a little the weight around your waist and belly. Also, the high sugar levels of these foods might give you food cravings and low energy levels.



The magical food indeed does magic when it comes to adding some weight to your body. There is a specific type of sugar content in beans that is tough to digest and when digested produces gas which makes you tighter on the abdominal area. You must eat protein in a different way like choose chicken or fish.

Dairy Products


They have the highest risk of creating bloating as they are hard to digest. The digestion process becomes complex in terms of dairy products which creates gas. Produces gas. However, plain yogurt is a healthy option.

Artificial Sweetener


We are sure your dietitian must have advised you to have plenty of veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts but if you wish to be a flat belly bride you must stop eating them before the wedding. These foods too have a sugar content that demands complexed digestion process.

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