If this is the phase of your life when your parents are looking for a potential match for you, then you might pretty well understand all the clamour about matching the KUNDALIS. Everyone around is concerned about matching the kundalis, because if all the 36 GUNS match, then nothing else in the world matters isn’t it? This is absolutely wrong; there are many more things that needs to be taken care of much more than the “CHATEES GUNS”. Pretty girls out there read out the things that are much more important to match when you decide to tie the nuptial knot than the kundali itself:

Your Chemistry


Couple chemistry plays an important role in the relationships. How well you bond with your partner at the emotional and physical level are the most important aspects of a happy and rock solid marriage. You and your partner have to be compatible beyond anything else. May it be your kundalis itself?



Imagine the two of you are poles apart when it comes to the spending habits, “a spendthrift thrown into marriage with a miser”. My goodness, this is going to make your life hell, figure it out before it is too late. Convey your priorities straight to the family and ensure Kundali matching comes later.

Shifting to his or the in-law’s place after marriage


Shifting from your home to his or from his to the one that is of you both. It is good to decide beforehand, how you will stay post marriage. With in-laws or independently, Has to be a decision made before, to avoid the family drama later.



When and how many children you want is something you both must be talking about, your kundali has nothing to do with it. Do not be shy and discuss openly with your partner.

Remember the personality matters, yes it does!


This is for all the mum’s and dad’s looking for a match for their daughters, it is the individual that matters the most and not the GUNS. Make sure the guy you search for your daughter is the one, she can match her lifestyle and career preferences.



If two people love each other and want to spend their lives with each other, then what role does kundali play?

Written By: Suniti Bahl

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