Indian marriages have long been associated with many traditions and rituals, some of which the current generation doesn’t seem to understand. Hence, the gen X has taken a step forward to change some of the rituals. Let us check out the latest cool ways brought forward to Indian weddings.

Stunning Gowns


Bride to have tremendously changed the attire of the wedding and engagement functions. Many brides have taken a troll towards long beautiful one piece gowns that give them a stunning and elegant look! These gowns are a change from the regular lehenga, sarees being worn in all the functions.

Bachelor Party


Many of the bride and grooms have started giving bachelor parties before their big day. The tradition of hen’s party or bachelor party has lately started in India and is picking up quite a race. Some are even giving their bachelor parties at destinations like Goa.

Wedding days are getting over finally


Yes, we all have always heard the wedding rituals going on in India since years to be of 5 – 6 days. Many of the young bride and the groom are being confident to break that cliche in reducing their wedding arrangement to a two or max three-day affair.

First Nights booked already!


Instead of having the regular first night at home and doing the entire decor, many couples are now shifting to celebrating their first night at hotels where the staff has already done the arrangement for the newly married couple along with some hotel compliments.

With the ongoing trends and less time with family members and even the couples (at times if both are working), it seems tough to manage everything, hence changing makes a great idea. So, there is absolutely no harm in doing what you love, after all, it’s your special day!

Written By: Kriti Nanda

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