Are you aware of The Mannequin Challenge?  Maybe you have seen a number of videos on the internet or have no idea about it. Let us devise it for you in short. It is a viral crazy challenge over the internet in which people have to stand still and pose like a mannequin while the camera moves around them with the background music of Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles ft. Gucci Mane. People are going insane behind this idea, even celebrities and star football teams are following the suit. People are trying to top with their video using different themes such as having a dinner, playing hockey, dancing in a ballroom etc. But the recent and most trendy one to join the queue is inculcating the challenge around weddings. Now you must be wondering how it can be done. Well, it isn’t that much difficult, the only issue is where to implement it. The wonderful example is given by celebrity photographer Suzanne Delawar that shot a video around the whole wedding which went viral on the Facebook with 5 million+ views.

Today we will deliver you the ideas where to associate the concept around your wedding. No one knows maybe your video would be the next one to go viral over the net in this social media-crazed world. Let us get started.

To imply the challenge around your wedding you need to finalize where do you want it. You can film it over all the wedding from pre-wedding ceremonies to after party or you can film it in the pre-wedding shoot only. The choice is up to you, check for the poses and try to gain every angle from the camera to extract the best.

Initially, let’s go with the pre-wedding shoot. A pre-wedding shoot is an informal photo shoot of bride and groom usually in their wedding dresses. One can depict a lot more in these photographs like how they met, what do they mean to each other, their special moments etc. your imagination is the only limit here. Here below are the ideas and poses one can use to fulfill the Mannequin Challenge.





Use props to deliver messages like “She said YES!” Use a pup, small board or a couple of balloons to capture the moment on the video.



Show that you are engaged with your wedding rings, revolve around the concept with different poses.





Opt for some funny poses like kicking the groom, stopping the groom from marrying etc. All such things will help your video to stand out.





You can go for some save the date poses which look great over the video and keep the memories fresh forever.


Share your story with the poses like where you met, how you both fall in love, when and how did you propose. Recreate those moments and capture it in video posing like a mannequin. Share some silly poses, put your arm around, hold her hand, walk together, pick her up or kiss each other. There is no end to poses. Think and stay still while you are being filmed. It amazingly shows that time has stopped and your love is blooming eternally.

These were some ideas about a pre-wedding shoot. You can also inculcate the idea in your wedding ceremony by asking the guests to stay still while couple moves up the aisle or kissing each other. Then you can also freeze at the dance after the ceremony and start jumping around instantly breaking the freeze and making it more interesting. You can also include the dressing up of groom and bride, all invitees filming the couple with their phones just to add a little bit spice to the concept. You can move on to the after party where all are drinking, dancing and enjoying them. All these ideas can be spread over a video of 2-3 minutes but your cameraman must be an artist to cover different angles and integrate all frames into a story. Go on catch your cameraman and start recording your The Mannequin Challenge wedding video!! All the best!

Written By: Fenny Luthra

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