The word wedding ignites a whole new thought process in our mind. We start contemplating the color of our attire, decoration theme, guests to be invited and many other things instantly. We start planning our budget and ensure everything goes accordingly. But, how many of us think of what our wedding will cost to the environment. Indeed a point to be considered as it is us only who curse the pollution daily for making us weak and hollow inside.

Planning out a green wedding would be a different idea altogether and trust us this would be the best theme you could have chosen for your wedding day. Here are a few tips on planning a green wedding:

Why go green?


It is a way to thank the Mother Nature to offer you a place where you met your partner and started a beautiful journey. A one of its kind idea generation is the core of a green wedding. You need to analyze different aspect, be a little more creative and give some extra effort in carving out the perfect décor ideas for your wedding venue. But trust us once things start taking shape you would be the happiest of the bride to see your efforts show results.

Go green, Save Money


Yes, a green wedding can save you money. There is no denying the fact that weddings are an extravagant way of spending your hard earned money. But when you chose to go green you save a considerable amount of money. As you seek to save resources you automatically cut down on your budget.

Easy and stress-free


An extravagant wedding has a great budget and with big budgets come many responsibilities. You would always be under pressure to ensure that the things happen perfectly and you get all done at the right time. However, a green wedding involves lesser money and hence will call for less stress.

Rustic beauty


To save the money and the environment you would look for all the possible ways. This will call for lesser decorations and more details that catch the eye of the guests. As it is green the whole décor will be connected to the earth and indeed will be an awesome experience for you as well as for your guests.

The green wedding might call for some extra efforts but they are definitely worth when the benefits the Mother Nature in such a great extent.

Written  By: Nitika Sethi Nagpal

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